Ayurveda Changes Everything

torsdag, 08. aug 2019 00:00– fredag, 16. aug 2019 23:59

Sted: Mjølfjell Mountain Lodge, Voss.

A.C.E. (Ayurveda Changes Everything) delivers an immersive 55 hours foundational module that develops within the graduates a grounded, working knowledge of key philosophical and therapeutic fundamentals of Ayurvedic self-care principles and practices.

These holistic practices are transforming lives worldwide. The healing effects are amplified when underlying truths of this ancient life science are personally understood.

The aim of this module is to define and contextualise essential teachings of this all-encompassing system in such a way that the attendants of this course may experience - within hours - the physical, mental, emotional and energetic nurturing effects of the greatest gift on earth - Nature's infinite wisdom.

This introductory module provides basic Ayurveda education in the following topics:

- Thorough deep dive into the background history and philosophy of Ayurveda, the Traditional Medicine of India.
- Key anatomical, pathological and therapeutic principles of Ayurveda
- Key Ayurvedic nutrition charts and recipes, including:
* Day, night and seasonal lifestyle regimens
* Vital care of the sense organs and nervous system
* Immune building practices
* Digestion regulating practices

Guarantee of authenticity through reference and reliance on the classical texts and tradition of Ayurveda

In this course you will get a working knowledge of the relevance of learning and living Ayurveda in this contemporary time - with regards to Ayurveda as a sustainability practice - on micro and macro levels.
You will also learn the interactive implementation of Ayurveda on a practical every-day basis, in a Nordic context.

Designed for yoga and health practitioners and anyone ready for:

- A reset and insight into your own elemental nature
- Traditional ways to identify root cause and pathways of imbalance
- The cultivation of relaxation
- Holistic tools of prevention and management of stress, anxiety, depression, weight gain, poor digestion, insomnia, joint/muscular pain, immune deficiency and other health conditions born in the fast lane.

About the teacher:
Uma Inder is an Ayurvedic Practitioner with Diploma of Ayurvedic Sciences (D.A.Sc., USA) and with certification from India as a Panchakarma Specialist. In 2008 she conceived and co-founded KUSH, the Ayurvedic Center for Rejuvenation at The Yoga Barn Bali to host in-depth constitutional assessments and personalized detox/rejuvenation programs that ran under her direction until 2016. Uma is the founder of Aranya Ayurvedics, a range of organic, wildcraft Ayurvedic teas, medicines and body care.
Uma consolidated S.A.T. Y.A. (Synergistic Alignment of Tantra, Yoga & Ayurveda) to draw from her Ayurvedic health practice, advanced training with teachers in the Satyananda Saraswati lineage, early years of Hatha Yoga with her Hindu family and Kundalini Tantra with her former master.
Umā offers domestic & international S.A.T.Y.A. and Laya Yoga intensives and in-depth trainings. She also spearheads the wellness movement A.C.E and Going With Nature that provides Ayurvedic health programs and consummate Panchakarma retreats.

Practical information:

Venue: Mjølfjell Mountain Lodge, Voss.

For more info and booking send an e-mail to: Denne e-postadressen er beskyttet mot programmer som samler e-postadresser. Du må aktivere javaskript for å kunne se den. 

Investment: 12.500 NOK.
To secure your spot deposit 2000,- to account: 1208.8601139

(Account holder is Thea Nordby. Mark your transaction with "Ayurveda 2019")

Course material: A thorough course manual will be provided

Accreditation: This training has the possibility for continuing education accreditation for registered yoga teachers.

Accommodation and food: There will be three ayurvedically prepared, organic and locally sourced meals a day. Accommodation will be in double and triple rooms. If you need single room this can be provided with an extra fee.

"For me, studying Ayurveda with Uma is like stepping into the belly of a freshly ripened fruit. The full sense of the living science is delivered, embodied and integrated to the extent that I can taste the tangible flesh and soak the juice of the teachings. With Uma, Ayurveda comes alive in a faithful, dynamic and digestible way that I haven't wholly experienced with other teachers. From simple daily practices to the greater context that she uniquely weaves with Yoga and classical Tantra, I am satiated on multiple levels.
This is why I keep coming back to Uma." - Eugenia, Ayurvedic Practitioner

“It was in the Ayurveda course with Uma when I came to understand in a simple and comprehensive way the foundations and guidelines for understanding the unique constitution of each person, their strengths and their areas of opportunity.
I understood that, by attending and taking care of the balance of our original nature, one can make of his life a great opportunity where consciousness can be expanded, with health and joy. There is no better medicine than the knowledge of oneself. Ayurveda with Uma offers the right techniques and tools for self-recognition and for recovering the balance, by taking care every aspect of the person in a daily basis, from the physical aspect, to the mental and spiritual one.” - Marisol, Yoga Teacher