Yoga Retreat for spiritual warriors - Yoga & The Upanishads

Yoga Retreat for spiritual warriors - Yoga & The Upanishads

18 juni 2017 00:00 - 24 juni 2017 06:00

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Tønsberg Yoga

Excited by the great success of the first Yoga Retreat we had in May 2016 in Norway, we, in Tønsberg Yoga, have decided to follow up with a second retreat in 2017.

A Yoga Retreat
Teachings on Yoga and the Upanishads

Excited by the great success of the first Yoga Retreat we had in May 2016 in Norway, we, in Tønsberg Yoga, have decided to follow up with a second retreat in 2017. This time we are planning to introduce one of the most ancient texts on the Vedanta philosophy called the Mandukya Upanishad.

During this week-long retreat we’ll daily practice meditation, Asana, Pranayama, and study of philosophy.

Location: The retreat will take place in a beautiful Mountain Lodge called Nythun Høyfjellstue, which is located in the beautiful Valdres mountain, 2,5 hours drive from Sandvika,Oslo, Norway´s capital.

Teachers: The retreat will be taught by Swami Kashi, who is a monk from India, and Nina Nesheim, who is the founder-director of Tønsberg Yoga Center. For more information of the teachers see below.

Accommodation and diet: Nythun Lodge is situated in a pictorial place on the bank of a charming lake surrounded by dense forests. It has beautiful cabins for singles or doubles. Run by two distinguished chefs, the food in Nythun is famous for its quality, uniqueness and and great taste. During the retreat we’ll enjoy delicious, nutritious, and tasty vegetarian food served by professionals.

Teachings: During the retreat we’ll study an ancient text called the Mandukya Upanishad, which teaches a special meditation technique. It is one of the most important texts of all eastern traditions. We’ll also be introduced to the Yogic way of life, which promotes physical and mental health and generates deep peace of mind. Through daily philosophy classes, Yoga classes, and sessions of meditation we’ll get rejuvenated and recharge ourselves completely.

Swami Kashi: Swami Kashi has been a monk in the Yogic tradition of Swami Sivananda for the past 16 years. Though born in the West, he has been accepted and taught in a traditional community of Sadhus (holy people) of Uttarkashi in the Himalayas. He has mastered the Vedanta philosophy and underwent advanced training in the Sanskrit language. Swami Kashi is an internationally renowned teacher, who teaches all over the world the deepest secrets of the ancient Yogis of India with passion and humor .

Nina Nesheim: Nina is the founder/director of Tønsberg Yoga. She is a mother of 3 kids and is a very gifted yoga teacher who is very passionate about yoga and its philosophy. Leading a full yogic life style has transformed her life dramatically and inspired her to help others to improve their own lives.

Suggested daily schedule during the retreat:
5:00am Wake Up
5:30am Morning meeting (meditation, sharing & discussion)
7:00am Morning Yoga Class
9:00am Philosophy class
10:00am Lunch
12:00pm Philosophy class
2:00pm Recreational activity (a walk, freetime, asana workshop, etc.)
4:00pm Yoga Class
6:00pm Dinner
7:30pm Evening meeting (Meditation,sharing & discussion)
9:00pm End of the day, Good Night.

Join us for an unforgettable week of full immersion in all aspects of yoga.

Price in doubleroom: 10.500 NOK
Price in singelroom: 12.000 NOK

Deposit of 3000 Kr non-refundable and payable upon registration. The remaining amount is payable 1 month before the retreat , this amount can be divided into two if desired.

This includes: Full accommodation with delicious vegetarien meals, made by two distinguished chefs. We will also be served snack/fruit and tea, between meals.

All lectures, two yoga classes with duration of two hour every day, two meditation sessions every day and the possibility to ask personal questions to Swami Kashi during your stay.

You can sign up on under the headline «Kurs&reiser»

If you have any questions, please contact us:

Phone: 0047 40490876 (Nina)

We’ll be more than happy to assist you!

Om & Prem

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