Sound and energy healing med Musica Medicina og Life Tone

Sound and energy healing med Musica Medicina og Life Tone

01 oktober 2017 18:00 - 20:00

(Lagre i kalender)

Medisinsk Yoga Øst

Karine Finne and Vishesh Kalimero invites you to this beautiful experience!
A ceremony is where a group of people gather together as a community mobilizing the power of collective to create a charged space which enhances the capacity of each individual and the group through intention.
Many physical pains, diseases, and emotional blockages are related to the miscommunication or altogether lack of communication between the physical and the energy body.
In this session, participants will lie down in a relaxed state to receive and possibly absorb the full experience of sound and energy healing. Through the use of Tibetan singing bowls, organic instruments, voice, incense, massage and energy work each one of the participants will be induced to travel into their own individual space, allowing sensory experiences to take them through new realms.
From hearing to listening,
From thinking to feeling
From intellect into the unknown.


Vishesh Kalimero is a musician and sound healer from Delhi, India that experiments with various ancient and custom made string instruments from the middle east, china and India along with many styles of singing from different indigenous tribes, such as the Mongolian Tuvans, Inuit’s from Alaska, Nepali shamanism, east Indian folk, etc. He has been travelling around the globe for the last seven years collecting sounds, performing concerts, facilitating workshops and guiding healing sessions at yoga and meditation centres, festivals, culture centres and art houses. His vision lies in pushing and inspiring all to create and find their sound to discover the magic that music can bestow.

About Karine

Karine is a sound healer using mainly Gong and voice, she also a certified coach amongst much more.